Life in spite of everything 4

Priceless Book: A Man Called Ove…. Because reading saved my life!

Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman is a beautiful story about the transformations we go through in life and how different events in our life affect us, shape us, and make us who we are today. It is a magnificent tale of true love and human values.

For the greatest fear of death is always that it will pass us by. And leave us there alone.— Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove

Great movie…

And some music for my soul…

Therapy: NO TV, NO CELL PHONE, little gardening, sleeping, and good old W. B. Yeats

Struggle isn’t my identity!

Simple steps: gratitude, Struggle isn’t my identity!, coping, walking, little gardening, sleeping after two years of sleep deprivation …

…less overthinking, less energy vampires, NO TV, NO CELL PHONE, more fruits and veggies and maybe new job

I adore my job but but but

Fifth of teachers plan to leave profession within two years. National Education Union warns of exodus caused by excessive workloads…

“My job is no longer about children,” one respondent said. “It’s just a 60-hour week with pressure to push children’s achievement data through.”

“Working 70 hours a week for many years has meant my health and family life have suffered. I am getting out before the job kills me,” said one.

“My personal life doesn’t exist anymore,” said another.

Hang on to …

Douglas Adams

“He was alone with his thoughts. They were extremely unpleasant thoughts and he would rather have had a chaperon.” 
― Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe and Everything

The “I Feel Like a Child” Syndrome

Where to go, what to do?
I feel scared like a little girl…

So, emergency plan!

  1. pen, paper, plan, to do list
  2. groceries, healthy lunch, veggies, personal hygiene first!!
  3. no overthinking
  4. laundry
  5. prepare for work
    Good luck to everyone!!!

What if you already sought help and it wasn’t that helpful?

Most mental health articles start or end with the advice to seek help from a mental health professional.

But what if you don’t have insurance that covers mental health services and you can’t afford to pay for it?


I’m fed up with meditations, THE law of attraction, webinars and seminars, self help books and motivation ted talks……

Something simple.

  1. no overthinking
  2. ignore stupidity
  3. sleep and do it again
  4. cleen your house
  5. if you can’t you are not some stupid lazy bitch…you are sick and poor…be mercifull to yourself
    And read:

Narcissistic mother and I’m Cruella de Vil? No more abuse!!!

I can see so many beautiful things around me: hedgehog in the cat-box, new kittens in the block, my beautiful blue nails, blue night sky… but i CAN’T STAND MY EVIL SICK MOTHER. I’m Cruella de Vil?

My mum: “mental health issue like borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder — both of which can create a toxic environment to grow up in. But sometimes,toxicity can be due to your mom’s immaturity, more than anything else.”

I’m fed up with her shit but i must take care of her. MUST???!!!! NOOOO!!!


Depression, hopelessness…

I'm wearing my workaholism like a badge of honor. 


“Excessive, prolonged stress can cause physical and emotional exhaustion and lead to illness.”



  1. bed (clean sheets)
  2. try to sleep
  3. Good:
    I’m clean and …. i don’t have strength for more writing…
    Tomorrow i’ll be better!!!!!